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  • Full and part time openings
  • Excellent pay
  • Flexible schedules; Training provided
  • Practical work experience; Great resume builder

Student Work Program

Many of our reps are college students. We do accept applications from students who are at least 18 years old, or at least 17 and a high school graduate. Individuals taking time off from school or who've completed their degree are also invited to apply.

Openings are for entry-level sales and service positions and the opportunity to advance into management is available. Our "promote from within" policy means that all of our office managers started as representatives themselves and have developed the field experience and professional insight needed to develop the talents of others. We remember what it is like to juggle work around classes, exams, and extracurricular activities and we've designed our business to accommodate flexible schedules. Most importantly, our management team offers the on-going training, personal attention, and support that are vital to the success of our people. Corporate executives agree that there are some common traits that lead to success in any career:

  • Solid communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Leadership abilities
  • Ability to be team players
  • Ability to set goals and accomplish them

These are just some of the skills working at Vector provides.

Excellent Income

Vector Marketing provides a base pay, varying by location, of $12-$20 per appointment. The base pay is not based on sales, which enhances the confidence level of our representatives and helps maintain a comfortable purchasing environment for our customers.

Vector also provides incentive pay, which is based on performance. Our representatives are guaranteed to average at least the base amount, and they can earn additional income through the incentive program.


In addition to the practical business experience it provides, the sales representative position with Vector offers numerous advantages, especially for students. These are just some of the reasons students want to work at Vector:

  • Base pay with incentives
  • Opportunity for advancement before graduation
  • Flexible daily and weekly schedules determined by the representative who works as an independent contractor
  • Opportunity to work in their hometown or away at school
  • Can qualify for travel and other incentives
  • Career opportunities after graduation

Training Program

The road to success with Vector begins after training. Professors and business leaders throughout North America recognize our training program as being both highly effective and innovative.

Specifically designed for individuals who have little or no business experience, the initial training seminar, consisting of three half day sessions, is designed to instill confidence in the trainee. While training is unpaid, most participants consider it to be a worthwhile experience and a productive use of their time. Along with enhancing the interpersonal skills a representative brings to the program, our training concentrates on product knowledge and communication skills.

Specifically, representatives are taught how to arrange appointments, meet with potential customers, explain our products, answer questions, write up orders, and ask for recommendations. Overall, the training experience will strengthen and enhance their resumes while permitting them to gain valuable sales and business skills. After the initial training seminar, representatives are also able to attend optional advanced training workshops. These workshops focus on a variety of topics designed to enhance sales success:

  • Building rapport
  • Understanding Customer Psychology and Behavior
  • Managing time
  • Setting and achieving goals

Management Development and Career Opportunities

Representatives who demonstrate the personal and professional characteristics that Vector Marketing seeks in its management team are invited to train as management candidates.

"Candidate" status encompasses several positions, progressing from assistant manager trainee to manager of their own local office.

While pursuing their degree, most candidates are able to simultaneously gain management experience through involvement in weekly meetings, training, and office activities.

Upon graduation, the best candidates may be offered a career opportunity as a district manager with Vector.

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Full Time and Part Time Work Available!

Vector has full and part time openings available immediately for college students, recent high school graduates, individuals needing extra income and others. No experience is required and all majors may apply. Schedules are flexible.